Peppermint and Sage is our new E-Zine in which you can become part of. We have a yahoo group and Facebook page to help put things together.  We will be coming out eight times a year around that Sabbats. What we are looking or are stories, articles, poems, Filk songs, art, photos. You must be the creator or owner of anything you send.  All items will be property of the author or artist.  The zine design and all editorial content will be copyright by Dragon Palm Circle.  Example: All materials copyrighted by their respective owners, all other materials copyrighted by Dragon palm Circle.

People may print out the zine in a whole without any changes. People can circulate the PDF without any changes. If a store wants to give away print copies, they may and they can stamp on the back print copy compliments of store name.

Since the zine is for free their is no payment for contributions.  This is being made a lot like the early Fanzines of SF and Comics - for exposure.  It will give you an audience.  

The editors will have final say of what goes into the zine.

Pictures and artwork should be in JPG, png or gif formats.  Articles, poems, stories, filk songs can be sent in email or in word format.(We can use other formats, all are noted at the website - these are our preferred formats.)  Make sure you have the name you want attached to it (either your real, pen or craft name.) Also you can give an email to be attached if you would like people to contact you.  On the web page we will have more information.  email . Our Facebook page is located at  and the you can visit the site Peppermint and sage site at and download the latest issue.

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This is the cover (and link) to our fist seven issues of Peppermint and Sage.  It came out Samhain 2013. We are always looking for covers and illos.   Articles may be themed to the Sabbat that they are coming out near on just general articles of interest to Pagans.