February 21, 1999 - May 2, 2005

Beloved Cat and Familiar

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Carly nursing with Brothers Simba and Moose , Mom Harlequin

Carly on foot stool.

Carly relaxing

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Young Carly playing

Carly checking the "News".

Carly in fairy garden

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Carly in a box too small for him

Carly next to computer on table relaxing

Carly on my dresser doing his favorite thing

Carly will be missed.  He was always there when the tuna can was opened for his share.  Nights when home along, he would be in my lap as we watched TV or in the office as I worked on the computer.  He always joined in on circles when they were in the fairy garden (and the dogs stayed home).  We would set together on the bench in the fairy garden .  He was much more than a mere Cat - he was family.   He had been part of the family since he was born.  His mother had been Lady Sky's cat and he became mine.  After Harley passed on - and her granddaughter Hecate joined the family - she and Carly became like husband and wife.  They would eat together and if one got a snack when the other was out of the room - a share was always left for the the other.  They would run up and rub noses both inside and out.   She is missing Carly as much as the rest of us.  On Sunday May 1st he seemed down a little and wanted out - figure he needed to eat some grass I let him out.   When it was time to leave for work, he wouldn't come back in the house - but this was a normal thing for the cats - so we left him out.  That night when we got home - he didn't come home.  Hecate was looking for him and calling him with me.   Monday I worked a double shift at work and left early.  Lady Sky looked and called him before she went to work and couldn't find him.  Hecate was becoming frantic looking for him.  On Tuesday morning Hecate made us follow her and she took us to the old chicken coop across the street from us and there he was.  He had gotten in there and made his death bed like cats have always done in an area where other animals couldn't get to them.  Hecate started her morning for him once we got back to the house.  Going to all his favorite places to sleep and crying at each one.  She then went outside and headed down to where Simba and the other cats live - all we could figure since she usually doesn't go down there was that she was going down to let them know what had happened.  He will be missed by all - he gave us six years of love.

Dreamweaver May 3rd, 2005