Lets see, who am I.  I was born in West Palm Beach, Fl in July 1950 - the only reason I was born in West Palm Beach was that there were no hospital at the time in Lake Worth - where I lived most of my life.

I went to Highland Elementary School for the first and second grades and South Grade School for grades 3 - 6. South Grade was only a block from my grand parents, so I had friends that lived both around by grand parents house and my own house.

Attended Lake worth Jr. High grades 7 - 9. Was on the school paper in 9th grade. Grades 10 - 12 I went to Lake Worth High School. Where I got interested in Drama, I was more interested in the technical parts of putting on a show than acting. I was a member of the Drama Club, the Vagabonds and the National Thespians Society. I was Treasurer my Junior year and President my senior year.  

After graduating High School in 1969 I went to Palm Beach Jr. College  (now Palm Beach State College) were I got my AA Degree in Speech and Drama in 1971.  While there I became a member of PHI RHO PI and Vice President my Sophomore year. Had some really great times there and some really great instructors including Watson B. Duncan III , Art Musto, Frank Leahy, and Lois Meyer.

From PBJC I went on to Florida Atlantic University  in Boca Raton, FL. I got my BFA in Theatre Arts there in 1973.

Me and my BFA Degree

Watson B Duncan and a couple of past students.

Musto directing a play

After college I spent a few years working for WEAT-TV12/WPEC-TV12. This was fun working for a TV station and being fun came to an end way too soon.  The station downsized and being in a market with only two stations at the time - I left TV.

During this time I became a member of the local Star Trek club, Star Fan United. Shortly after joining it severed ties with STFU and became Star Trek Federation of Fans. This was a lot of fun, but like a lot of things we grew until we were too big for ourselves. I became secretary/Treasurer of the clubs national chapter. We held several one day mini-cons in the West Palm Beach area and one large multi day con called Palm Beach Con I/Trekon International 1975. (Yes we were the first to use the term TREKON for a STAR TREK CON). As guest we had George Taki - Sulu, who brought with him a blooper reel. (Now remember in 1975 there was only Classic Trek - the first movie was still several years in the future and not even planned at this time - also home movies at the time were on 8mm film or if you were lucky 16mm - so bloopers on DVD’s and Video Tape were also a thing of the future.) Noel Neil - Lois Lane in both the Superman TV series with George Reeves and the Kirk Allen Superman serials, C. C. Beck creator of Capt. Marvel (Shazam).


Noel Neil

C.C. Beck

STFF Picnic at John Prince Park

STFF officers John Ellis President, Me, Debra Vice President at mini con in Miami.

Work wise I got into retail management and managed a number of different stores in the South Florida area.

On June 11, 1976 I married a girl I had met through the Star Trek Club. And we are still together 36 years latter. We got married after I got off work on a Friday at the Candle Light Chapel in West Palm Beach.  My best man was Rick Gift and his wife was Maiden of Honor.  After the wedding we went to Winter Haven, FL and stayed in a motel not too far from Cypress Gardens - which we went the next morning early - from there we headed to Silver Springs - but we stopped at a place called Circus World, which proved to be nothing more than a tourist trap.  From there we went to Silver Springs and spent the afternoon.  Then we started back to Orlando - and found that Walt Disney World was open till midnight that night (at this time there was only the Magic Kingdom at WDW). So we went there that night and most of the day Sunday and made it home so we could be back to work on Monday.


One of the first things we did was start Florida Fandom, a fanzine on Comics, SF, and Star Trek. We did this zine for many years on and off. Because of it we met many people via the mail. The old zines were much like the net today, except you didn’t reach as many people. (The end of 2011 we put out an ezine version of FF celebrating its 35th year)


In the early 80’s we moved to Sevierville, TN for a few years. They were interesting years, but we just couldn’t get the type of work we needed to do what we wanted to there - so back to Florida we went.

Got back into retail management when we got back to Florida and stayed there until around 1995 when we opened a small collectalbes store in the Farmers Market Flea Market. The bad thing was just before opening the store we had been a car wreck and this left me no longer able to do the work needed to manage a store.  So for about 18 months we had our little store.  It was not meant to be - the market for Comics fell (just a few years before we had done over $500 at a local three day flea market at the local fair grounds) Pogs came into being and supported us for several months, then they left as fast as they came.  It was during this time we got together with the people who would be the core of our Wiccan Family, Angus and his first wife, Lady Vesta.  They had their son while we had the shop and the day he was born it was announced over the loud speakers at the market.

In 1997 we formed what would become Dragon Palm Circle - our Wiccan Coven. Our founding members were Lady Sky, Angus, Pete, Aquarius, Lady Vesta, and myself.  In the summer of 1999 Lady Sky, Lady Vesta, Angus, the kids, the cats and myself all moved to Sevierville, TN.  Aquarius had already moved to Altanta about a year earlier and was very glad we were going from a ten hour trip to a four hour trip.  In 2000 I became ordained through both the Church of Seven Planes and the ULC.  In 2005 Lady Vesta left Dragon

Palm Circle.  In 2008 Aquarius joined us in Tennessee.

In 2002 I started working for a local Gem Mine in Pigeon Forge. We sell buckets of dirt with uncut stones in them.  I dress like an old miner selling the dirt and telling stories about mining and the stones, its a lot of fun.


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