Dragon Palm's Pagan Forum

They say the third time is a charm, also doing things in three is magick!  Lets hope so, as this is the third time we've done the Pagan Forum.  The first time it became over run by SPAMMERS....we did everything we could, but it became too much work.  The second time the version of the program I used had protection form SPAM, but we crashed it doing an update.  Now a new version is out and we have it online now.  It is a great place to commucate. And if you were part of the forum before March 1, 2010 you will need to rejoin....when we crash something we do it really good!!  You will see several changes including the use of avators.  We have a section for both our online and live Wicca 101 classes.  We also have a Pagan Yard Sale section, events section and just a section for talking about different things.  It's a good place to start an on line coversation.  If you are not a member join today.


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