We have several email lists on YahooGroups:

Our oldest is our dragonpalm list.  Its a nice list for pagans to gather around the fire, so to speak.  There is no subject matter - we try to recreated a cyber version of the Grove we had at the Grove House Covenstead in Florida. At night we would gather around the fire and talk about movies, traded the latest jokes, let one another know about events that were going to take place.  What is isn’t is a place to trade spells.  So if you would like to come and sit by the fire this is the place to come:

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If you live in east Tennessee or are planning on visiting you will want to join DragonPalmEvents.  We post all Dragon Palm Circle events that are open to the public such as our Pagan Night Out.  We also have listing of other events in the area that would be of interest to Pagans. Or if you are a local Pagan and want to list your groups events - join:

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Now if you are interested in our Wicca 101 you will want to join our dragonpalm 101 group:

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And we also have our on line E-zine Peppermint and Sage.  This is the replacement of our not on line zine Palm Beach Pagan.  What we are hoping for is that member of this list will give us enough goodies to put out an e-zine in PDF format and  have in on our site and in the files of the YahooGroup:

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