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Inner Circle of Dragon Palm Circle

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Rev. Lady Sky


((TN)(List) High Priestess of Dragon Palm Circle. Tarot, Scrying and other forms of divination. Ordained Minister.  A founder and elder of Dragon Palm Circle


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(TN)(List) Keeper of the records for the Coven and webmaster for this site. Eclectic Witch. Webmaster of the Coven a founder and elder of Dragon Palm Circle.

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Rev.Angus WaterStone


(TN)(List) Master wood craftsman, healer, Alchemist, and man who usually gets shit done. a founder and elder of Dragon Palm Circle.

Outer Circle and Friends of Dragon Palm Circle


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Friends from the Dragon Palm Circle Mailing List


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This is just a test page.  We need you to send us a picture in either jpg or gif format. Give us an email address you can be reached at if you want.(it will be linked to your name) If you have a website let us know and we will link it to your picture. If you want to be listed and not have your picture that is ok also.  You need to write a little about yourself.  If its been a while since you updated this would be a good time to do so.  Note the above are not updated yet - they are the same as they are in the current who we are page. If you are ordained let us know and we will add Rev. in front of your name.  Send info and pixs to: dreamweaver@dragonpalmcircle.org   This will not be the final look of page.