Dragon Palm Circle is an Eclectic Coven with both an Inner and Outer Circle. The Inner Circle is the Coven proper and the Outer Circle is made up of students and others who are connected to our Coven. Our friends consist of Witches and Pagans who have at one time or another gathered in our Grove in Florida or one of our Convensteds here in Tennessee. Please Note: The description of each person was written by them.

The Inner Circle is divided into two sections, those who are the current working Coven proper and those who have gone on to form there own Covens or are out of state, but who, when attending a Dragon Palm ritual or event are considered part of the Inner Circle.

Rev. Lady Sky - (TN)(List) High Priestess of Dragon Palm Circle. Tarot, Scrying and other forms of Divination. Ordained Minister.  Lady Sky’s Home Page. A founder and elder of Dragon Palm Circle.

Rev. Dreamweaver - (TN) (List) High Priestess’s Priest. Keeper of the records of the Coven and webmaster for this site. Photographer, Eclectic Witch. Webmaster of Florida Fandom on line and Dreamweavers Home Page. A founder and elder of Dragon Palm Circle.

Rev. Angus WaterStone - (TN) Master Craftsman, healer, Alchemist, family man better know as Dad and man who usually gets shit done.  Covens Public Relations Priest.   Angus WaterStone Homepage. A founder and Elder of Dragon Palm Circle. CEO of EarthWeb.

Lady Pinkie Luna Fae - (TN) Covens Public Relations Priestess. Pink Pixie, Kitchen Witch, Facilitator, the Mom, Tuatha Dea Booty Shaker, An Elder of Dragon Palm Circle.

Aquarius - (TN)  A founder of Dragon Palm Circle. Past over 6-14-2013 (Missed by ALL)

Moonchylde - (TN) Hedge Witch, artist, photographer. The Practical Pagan website.

Dragonfly - (TN) Maiden - Drummer in training, writer, singer, student, DPC youngest First Degree Witch.

Windwalker - (TN) Drummer, Energy healer, Kitchen Witch, artist, artificier, empathy counseling, creative.

The Following will always be considered part of the Dragon Palm Circle Inner Circle - but either have gone on to form their own Coven or live out of state.  They are always welcome to any and all events of Dragon Palm Circle open or closed...and can always become active members at their request.

HaVwk(FL) Lecherous Old Witch - PS and Ugly

Rev. Lord Eoghann of Clan Campbell - (TN)  Discovered, like so many others that there is a name for what I have always been and believed in, an Eclectic Witch.  I have been a member of  Dragon Palms Outer Circle since September of 1999 and the Inner Circle since 2001.  I have started a teaching Circle in Johnson City.  Webmaster of Orenda Circle Sanctuary site.

Rev. Lady Aurora Leilani - (FL)  Not with any groups in Florida, but always open to meeting other Pagans in the area. Eclectic pagan. Working on Faerie magick and Egyptian.  Luna is our 13 year old girl and we have have a mixed-breed rescue kitty named Mazy May. On facebook auroraleilani and twitter #auroraleilani.  DPC’s first Maiden.

Rev. Pete - (FL) Elder of Dragon Palm Circle.  I am currently a practicing Celtic Shaman and Druid.  Also Reiki Practitioner, channeler, and Dragon Magick.  Ordained Minster.  A founder of Dragon Palm Circle.

Rev. Lady Onika (Passed Over - missed by all) Was an Elder, Reiki Master, Master Channeler, angelic Envoy, Perpetual student. Ordained Minister.

The following are people who were in our outer circle.  Most will just be a name and state until we get an update from them.  The state will be the state they were in when they were last with us in the Outer Circle.

Phoenix Soaring Dragon (TN)

ShadowRain (TN)

Angela (TN)


Lady Wyndsong (FL) Eclectic solitary who studied under and is affiliated with Dragon Palm.  I love to network. Do me a huge favor and walk outside…I want you to tell the Guardian of the East, Gabriel, that I told you to say HI…he’ll get a kick out of it. DPC’s second Maiden.

Rev. Lady Anu (TN)

Gawain (FL)

Brandy (FL) (Oregon)

Adonis (FL)

Rev. Blackwolf (FL) Eclectic Pagan being mostly a mix of shamanic and Buddhist. Husband to Lady Aurora Leilani. The man who made our Maiden a Mommy.

Jade (FL)

Autumn (FL)

Tim (FL)

Rev. Emory Moon (TN)

Alicia (TN)

Katie (TN)

Phonenix (TN)

Meythosh (TN)

SoulDancer (TN)

Kjerstie (TN)

The following were friends of the Coven

SoulStorm (FL) An eclectic solitary Wiccan with strong Druidic and Shamanistic bent.

Ikinde (FL) 3rd Degree HPS of Welsh Tradition (after Roman invasion - eclectic “tradition”)

If you should be listed or if your listing needs updating please let us know. We realize not everyone listed got the note that we were updating, and if you are listed just by name give us an update, also we still need some email address to link to the names. I only put in ones that I have been given for this update.  

Send updates to dreamweaver@dragonpalmcircle.org

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