Wicca 101

Weeks 32  - 36

Physic Abilities

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WEEK 32 - Channeling

Some people who channel have control and others do not.  Most of the people I know who channel do not have control.  In Wicca the most common form of channeling is "Calling Down the Moon" - in which the HPS invites the Goddess to take over her body.  I have seen this done in several different ways - most common is that the Goddess will relate to the HPS some information that she is to pass on to the Coven.  Then their are times when the Goddess takes control of the HPS and gives out the information herself.  One of the most interesting times was when a two year old girl was taken over - the little girl was fussy and wanted the attention of the HPS and was killing the mood.  The HPS picked up the girl and at that moment she changed - she asked for my wand and when it was given to her, had the HPS carry her around to each person and blessed them.  She then returned the wand and got down from the HPS and was once again a two year old.

The TV show, Crossing Over with John Edward's, is a good look at channeling.    The way he acts is the normal way it is when people who passed over want to leave a message to someone on this side.  They will not come right out and say what they want, they give hints and clues.  I think this is to make sure that the person on this side getting the information is the right person.

How can you channel - open yourself up... welcome the sprits to speak via you.   There are some people who will not be able to channel because of one thing or another and others who have a hard time not channeling.


  1. What are the two general categories of channeling.
  2. What are the three types of trances.
  3. How do you use a pendulum?
  4. What is Psychometry?
  5. What is sensory deprivation?
  6. What is a Witches cradle?


NEXT WEEK: Read pages 227 - 256 To Ride a Silver Broomstick.


WEEK 33 - Channeling, Astral travel, Past Live

All these things are possible, but as with channeling not all people can experience them. I have a problem with Astral travel - on this plane I have motion sickness and I carry this to the Astral. Some people say this isn't possible, but I've experienced it.

There are several tapes and videos on the market to help you with both Astral travel and Past Lives.  This is something you may want to invest in.   (The investment in the audio tapes was less than $10.00 the last time I checked - they may have gone up by now).  Follow all the instructions given with the tapes. I've use Video tapes made for both and they both worked for most of the people in the room. (But not everyone).  If you try the tapes and they don't work for you - try and find someone who can lead you - it can be well worth while.

Class: How does body language help in reading people.

What is the importance of Focus.

Project: With the use of a guide try either a Past Life regression or Astral Travel. The guide may be either a person adept in this or a video or audio tape made for this purpose.


  1. What is Telepathy?.
  2. What is empathy
  3. What is the universal telephone line.
  4. What is Psychometry?

NEXT WEEK: Read pages 111 - 131 Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft and Pages 200 - 219 Witches Bible part 2..



WEEK 34 - Divination

There are many forms of divination and in all cases it's the reader, not the tools.  Anyone can be taught how to read cards, palms, tea leafs and so on.   These reading are based on the tools.  Others are gifted in that they can read what ever is placed in front of them.  I have seen readers read blank tarot cards and be correct.  Now divination is not fortune telling - it is the logical path you are following if you do not make changes.  This is what will happen if you do nothing to stop it form happening.  Once you get a reading - and you do not like the outcome - it is up to you to keep it form happening. And you can.  The fact that you can make it change is what makes this a helpful tool.  It can also let you know other things also.

Class: Talk about different types of Divination.

Project: Do a reading. Your choice of divination


  1. How many cards in a Tarot deck?.
  2. What are the four suits in Tarot
  3. What is Cheiromancy?
  4. What is Clairvoyance?
  5. What is scrying?

NEXT WEEK: Read pages 147-172 To Ride A Silver Broomstick


WEEK 35 - Tarot

This week's class is workshop written by the Rev. Lady Sky, HPS of Dragon Palm Circle.  She has done workshops on Tarot and other forms of divination at some of our gatherings as well as in our chat room.  She is the most gifted reader that I know.

The workshop from Lady Sky will be coming soon.   It still needs to be written up and uploaded.

Class: Is Tarot a Gift or a Skill.

Project: Do a Tarot reading.


  1. Explain the following types of Divination?.
  1. Cartomancy
  2. Scrying
  3. Dowsing
  4. Numerology
  5. Palmistry
  6. Runes
  7. Graphology
  8. Geomancy


  1. Give the meanings to the following cards of the Major Arcana.
  1. The Fool
  2. The Priestess
  3. The Chariot
  4. Justice
  5. The Devil/Pan
  6. The World.

NEXT WEEK: Scrying - Have your mirror. (you can buy one or make one - easy way to make - take piece of glass and paint one side black - make it nicer - mount on wood - interested in a kit contact anguswaterstone@hotmail.com .



WEEK 36 - Scrying

This weeks class is going to be different. Instead of reading you are going to spend some time looking into a scrying mirror.  This wonderful device can do several things.  One it can help channel, two it can show you where something lost is, and three it can give you information.  Cast circle and then get comfortable and take out that scrying mirror and look into. Work with the projects with this class.  Send to the list what you saw and share your experience with others - don't wait for others to do it, since everyone will be hitting this at different times.  And for the subject put "Scrying".  This way others can look back at what you said when they reach this spot.

Class: What are different items that can be used for Scrying.

Project: Take your scrying mirror and work with it.

Try other things you may have like:

    1. Flame or Fire or both
    2. Water in a pan or cauldron
    3. Crystal or crystal ball
    4. Shiny surface.

Make notes on the differences.

NEXT WEEK: Read pages 135 - 151 Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft.


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