Wicca 101

Weeks 48 - 50

Wicca Today and Tommarrow and Q&A

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WEEK 48 - Wicca Today

The craft is changing all the time.  We don't do many of the things that were done by the old religions that the craft is based on anymore.  We do have ritual that relate to them.  In many trads a lot of Christan morals have been taken into the Craft.  Since the 1950's we have seen many changes in the Craft.  Today many more people than ever before know that Witchcraft is a relgion.  We have gone from a time where their were so many secrets you had to join a Coven before you could learn the simplest funtimals of Wicca - today we can pick up books and lean all the basics of Wicca.  

Not everyplace in the country is open about Wicca.  We came from a place in South Florida where their was a very open Pagan population.  It was a place where there were many "want to be" Pagans.  Grams were worn were all could see.   Now we are in a place where the Pagan population is larger than South Florida, but so many are still in the broom closet.  We are in a bible belt area.  Motels and camp grounds have big signs that say Jesus Saves on them or other bible verses.  But if you look, you can find Pagans everywhere.  And of these Pagans many are Witches.


Class:. How has Wicca changed since the 1950's to the present. Is all the change for the good.


  1. What happened in England in 1951.
  2. Why isn't Wicca a proselytizing religion?

 WEEK 49 - Wicca Tomorrow

What will Wicca be like tomorrow.  This is up to you!  We bring up our children in the Craft. - Yes they should have the right to chose their own Path but does this mean we bring the up without religion or bring them up Christian?  No, it just means that we are open with them and let them know that there are other Paths and to encourgae them to check out the other paths.  But we need the children - they are the most important thing to the Goddess... So many Witches, who mean well, are trying to keeps the Craft going in the wrong direction.  They want to keep kids out of ritual.   They want them to be in the broom closet and go to Sunday School.  Children believe in Magick, don't let this be taken away from them.



  1. What will Wicca be like in the future?
  2. Will there be a pagan unification?
  3. Should there be a Wiccan ruling body?
  4. Since the government recognizes Wicca, will this bring a better understanding to the common man about our religion?



Project: If you have a copy of Wiccan/Pagan Paths view it and discuss it, if not just do the Class discussion.



WEEK 50 - Questions and Answers

OK - are you ready!  Next week is the final exam.  Do you have any questions?  This is the time to ask.  Now I know some of you have been doing the class with out answering any questions or asking any. You may have done the book reports but felt you didn't need to let me know - between now and next week i need to have four book reports - If I got them through out the class fine, but if not - now is the time to send them to me.  You can send them to the list and share what you read with evryone or you can just send them to me at tncoven@bellsouth.net . Anything you didn't understand - ask now.  There is only one failure to this class and that is to yourself.  You should know by now if you are truly ready or not to become a Witch.  Don't kid yourself if you are not ready.  If you do not feel ready ask questions.  This website and class has taken several years to come together and during that time people on the list have gone from people who sent me everything asked for plus more to some who don't even act as though they are on the list or taking the class.  This class will change over the years - when someone replaces me as webmaster and/or Coven 101 teacher I am sure we will see changes.  And as I am teaching the live classes within the Coven, I will find changes that will be needed and when and if I get feedback from the online class I will make changes.

Some of the online lectures are very short and we will see them get larger.   A few I am looking for people to write a workshop on to replace what I have or to go along with what I have.  I know some of you who signed up for this class are degreed Witches who just wanted to see what I had to say.  I would love to hear from you - changes you think should be made. (I don't really want to hear things like I didn't like what you said on "Such n such" - I would like to hear " when you were talking about "Such n such" you should have mentioned "this" or "that" and let me know what you think would have helped.  This could help give more information.



  1. Why do you want to be a Witch?
  2. What does Witchcraft mean to you?
  3. What did you get out of Wicca 101?



Project: This is the last time before the Wicca 101 final exam that you can ask questions. They can be anything except a direct question from the 101 exam.

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