Wicca 101 Final Exam


On this test you will be asked both to perform and to answer questions. Like all of the on line class this is on your honor. It is to your advantage to do what is asked.

  1. Cast a circle. After you have done so tell about what you did.
  2. What does being a Witch mean to you?
  3. Name five tools and what they are used for.
  4. Did you make a tool? If so what and how did you make it. (If you have a picture in JPEG or Gif format attach it)
  5. Did you make yourself a robe or cape? If so tell about making it and what you made it out of. (Pix if possible)
  6. What is a Witch?
  7. Give examples of candle colors and what they can be used for.
  8. List some herbs and what they can be used for.
  9. List some stones and what they can be used for.
  10. Who was Gardner?
  11. How do you think Witchcraft came about?
  12. Create an energy ball. What color is it? How big was it?
  13. Do you have a craft name?
  14. What is the Wiccan Rede and what does it mean to you.
  15. What does Wicca mean?
  16. What is Magick?
  17. Do you consider yourself: A Witch A Wiccan A Pagan A NeoPagan A CyberWitch A White Witch Wicked Witch of West Shaman Knights Templer (You can pick more than one)
  18. Do a Tarot reading of yourself. Do you agree with what your reading says.
  19. Are there any books you feel should be part of the Wicca 101 class?
  20. Who is Dr. Margaret Murray?
  21. What is Sympathetic Magick?
  22. Who were Heinrich Kramer and Jakob Sprenger?
  23. Who is Magot Adler?
  24. Who is Laurie Cabot?
  25. Who is Z. Budapest?
  26. Who is Doreen Valiente?
  27. What are the Principles of Wiccan Belief?
  28. What was the Council of American Witches?
  29. Explain why Wiccan ethics are positive, rather than prohibitive.
  30. What kind of spells justified under the Rede?
  31. Explain: "Never accept money for the use of the art, for money ever smeareth the taker".
  32. What is a Warlock and his relationship to Modern Witchcraft?
  33. What is the "Ultimate Deity"?
  34. What is reincarnation?
  35. What is the three fold law?
  36. What is a sacred place?
  37. What is the Alter?
  38. What is a stang?
  39. What is skyclad?
  40. When making a robe, what kind of materials are best?
  41. Skyclad VS Robe VS Streetclothes. Give good points for each. Give bad points for each. Give times when one is preferable over another.
  42. What is a Rite of Passage?
  43. In what direction is a Circle drawn?
  44. What are some types of Rites of Passage?
  45. What is a Coven?
  46. What is the traditional size of a Coven?
  47. What is a High Priest and High Priestess?
  48. What is a Covenstead?
  49. What is a Covendom?
  50. What is a working pair?
  51. What does hive off mean?
  52. What do the four directions stand for?
  53. What is an Esbat?
  54. What is a Sabbat?
  55. What is a Book of Shadows?
  56. What is a Cone of Power?
  57. What is Drawing Down the Sun?
  58. What are the Major Sabbats?
  59. Name the Chakras?
  60. What is an affirmation? Write one.
  61. What is a Dream?
  62. What are the Minor Sabbaths?
  63. What is the Wiccan word for marriage?
  64. What is a hand parting?
  65. What is a Wiccaning?
  66. What are the two general categories of channeling?
  67. What is telepathy?
  68. What is empathy?
  69. How many cards in a Tarot deck?
  70. What are the four suits in Tarot?
  71. What is Chairvoyance?
  72. What is scrying?
  73. What is Palmistry?
  74. What is Dowsing?
  75. What is a spell?
  76. What is Grey Magick?
  77. What is Drawing Down the Moon?
  78. What are Magickal Alphabets?
  79. Why should you use Magickal alphabets?
  80. What is a Talisman?
  81. What is an Amulet?
  82. What is the Aura?
  83. What is a poppet and how is it used for healing?
  84. How do you find members for a Coven?
  85. What are the three aspects of the Goddess?
  86. What are the 13 Goal of a Witch?
  87. What is an eclectic Witch?
  88. What is a Kitchen Witch?
  89. What is a Dianic Witch?
  90. List all the Sabbats and their approximate dates.
  91. Explain"Pantheon"
  92. What is creative visualization?
  93. How does a person "raise energy"?
  94. What does "ground and center" mean and when should it be done?
  95. What does moon void of course mean?
  96. What does " As Above, So Below" mean?