Pre - Test

This is the same pre-test that sent out when you first join the dragonpalm101 yahoogroup

Dragon Palm Circle

Wicca 101


This is not really a test, but answer every question as best you can. This will help us in teaching the class this year. Many of the questions have no right or wrong answers -

  1. What is a Witch
  2. What is Wicca
  3. How long have you been on this path?
  4. What do you expect to get out of Wicca 101.
  5. What books have you read.
  6. What percentage of your current knowledge of Wicca come from.
    1. Books
    2. Movies
    3. Internet
    4. Friends
    5. Another Wicca class
    6. Coven
  1. Who is Gerald Gardner
  2. What is a Book Of Shadows
  3. What is the difference between Magick and magic
  4. Who is Raymond Buckland?
  5. What is your main reason for taking Wicca 101
  6. Do you know how to cast circle
  7. In what direction to you start when you are casting circle
  8. What is the importance of the Year and a Day.
  9. What candles on an Alter represent the God and Goddess and why
  10. Give a list of all Craft tools that you know of and what they are used for.
  11. What is a Warlock
  12. Who is Silver RavenWolf
  13. What is a Coven
  14. What is an elder?