Your Magickal Name

The NAME.... Some people feel they must have a Magickal or Craft name NOW!! These people usually go through many Craft names.

How do you find your name? The truth is it will find you...

When a name comes to you check it with the number method in Buckland. Does it work. (If not, does it work by changing a letter?) Now what do you do if a name comes to you, but no matter what you do, it doesn't work with the number system?

First - how did the name come to you? How does it feel? Does it feel like your name? Does it fit you?

If after answering these questions and it still feel right to you - go with it.

Once you pick a name, it is not in stone. You can change it. Some people change or add to their Craft name with each degree they earn. Others will change it when something Magickal happens in their lives. Others change to mark transitions within their lives.

When do you use your craft name? This is up to you. Some Witches believe that once they reach their first degree that they leave the mundane life and start using their Craft name instead of there birth name. Others use it only in Circle. Some use their craft name around Pagans and their birth name around their mundane friends.

What about that other Magickal Name?

The name you share only with the Gods.... This is not a name you pick or create. You may never have one. But if you do have one, you tell it to nobody. Its used only for Magick. If you get one, you will know it. If you don't, you don't need one. This is not something that you can make up. Its given to you by the God and Goddess, and it is used for working certain types of Magick. This like so many other things in Witchcraft will come when and if you need it.


You have just moved into a new house.  You have three room mates and you are the only Witch.  Tell how you will set up your Sacred Place.

You have just moved into a new house. The people moving in with you are the people who live with you in real life now.  How will you set up your Sacred Place.


1. Ways of finding your Magickal Name.

2. What is a Sacred Place?

3. What is the Alter?

4. What is a Stang?

Read pages 29 - 33 Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft

Read pages 85 - 97 To Ride A Silver Broom.