Finally, after 38 week we have reached Magick!! Now any of you who feel this is the first time we will be working with magick needs to go back and start over.

Magick is all around us.  It is every place we look.  Now how do we do Magick and what is a spell?  Magick is bending energies to do our will.  Can anyone do Magick? Yes, but they must believe they can do it.  If they do not believe in it, it doesn’t work.  You must be able to use visualization - take your hands and put them a few inches apart - see a small ball of glowing energy there.  Make it do things…. I know you can do it, I’ve seen two and three year olds making these little balls of energy do anything they wanted them to do - just like playing catch with them.

Just remember - when doing Magick you should be inside a Circle that you cast.  For now cast the circle even when you are playing with the energy balls.

Angus WaterStone, one of the Elders of Dragon Palm Circle has been doing energy workshops using soap bubbles.   If you are still learning visualization they may help. To see one of his workshops click on the link for it below as a Workshop he did for Witch In Progress was taped.


Work with energy ball and/or bubbles


1. What is Magick?

2. What do you need to prepare yourself for Magick?

3. What is a circle used for?

4. What is a cone of power?

Read pages 235 - 245 Witches Bible part 2