(I m mol'g)

The first of the Spring Sabbats and it marks the end to Winter. The candle is the center to this Sabbat - the more candles the better. (at one time you were to light all your candles - considering the amount some Witches have in stock today, this would not be realistic) The mystery play for this Sabbat has the Maiden, Mother, Crone in it. The Mother wears a crown of candles. This is where it can become fun, as you do not want to catch the Mother on fire (We have twice, not badly - but some burnt hair) If you do your rituals skyclad make sure the Mother is wearing something to protect herself from hot wax. There is a lot of different ways of having fun with the lighting of the candles. One time we started the ritual in total darkness and the HPS lit one candle and said that the Sabbat had begun - a person at each quarter called the quarter and lit a quarter candle - the circle was created with the Maiden following the HPS holding her candle - the God and Goddess are then called and their candles are lit, then each Covener lit a candle and then they lit other candles until all the candles were lit - we had candles on the alter and candles in the trees - it was a very pretty site.

Also known as Oimlec, Candelaria, Candlemas, and Lupercus. Can also be spelled I’mbolg.


Imbolc first of the spring Sabbats.


1. What is the Christianized name of Imbolc?

2. What is the date of Imbolc?

3. Who is Brid?

Read pages 102 - 115 Witches Bible part 1