(b' y ol - tinnuh) (b'yal-ten)

Beltane is on May 1st and this is where we get the May Pole dance. Today it is just a fun dance to do. In early Beltane festivals the Dance would be used to pair up couples for the night and at the end of the festival there would be many year and a day Handfastings. This is the last of the Spring Sabbats and it ushers in Summer. At Dragon Palm we usually have a mystery play about the King and the Goddess - then we have fire jumping. If we are lucky enough to have a fire pit we use it. (making sure it is small enough for all to jump) If we don't have a pit, we have a small cauldron that we place a fire in and jump over. Then its time for the May Pole Dance - you either dance or drum. Everyone has a lot of fun!

It can also be spelled: Beltene, Beltine, Beal-Tene, or Bealltain.  It is also known as Walpurgisnact, Rood Day, Rudemas, and May Day.


Maypole Dance, Greenwood marriage, and the last spring Sabbat.


1. What is the date of Beltane?

2. What is a Bel-frire

3. Modern name of Beltane.

Read pages 61 - 71 Witches Bible part 1