We should now have an idea of what Magick is - now we want to use Magick. This is were spells come in. You should only use spells written for your coven or spells you have written yourself. You may find in a book a spell you want to use - then adapt it to yourself - you may not change it very much - but when you are through adapting it, you will understand it and what it is "really" going to do.

WARNING: NEVER, EVER, ASK FOR SPELLS OFF THE INTERNET!!!! You have no idea who the person is who wrote it and what purpose he might have behind it. Also they know nothing about you. And if you can not write the spell yourself - you should not be doing it (unless you are part of a coven performing the spell) If you have trouble writing spells and you are in a Coven - ask for help form someone in the Coven. Like everything there are exceptions to the rule, but be very careful with any spell you didn't write. Make sure you understand it. Beware of wordy spells, as they can hide true meaning.

A good example of this is on the Internet I saw a really pretty protection spell. It was very long and had a lot of pretty words in it. What the spell was, was a spell in which you would bind yourself from using Magick. So in a way it could be looked upon as a protection spell, but the results would not be what the person performing it wanted.


What is the proper use of Magick


1. What is a spell?

2. What are the best spells?

3. What book by Crowley is considered an indispensable handbook of Magick?


Cast a circle and work with energy.

Read pages 173 - 204 To Ride A Silver Broomstick