What will Wicca be like tomorrow.  This is up to you!  We bring up our children in the Craft. Yes, they do have the right to chose their own Path, but this does not mean we bring the up without religion or bring them up Christian. It means we are open with them and let them know that there are other Paths and to encourage them to check out the other Paths.  But we need the children - they are the most important thing to the Goddess.  So many Witches, who mean well, are trying to keep the Craft in the wrong direction.  They want to keep kids out of ritual.  They want them to be in the broom closet and go to Sunday School.  Children believe in Magick, don’t let this be taken away form them.


1. What will Wicca be like in the future?

2. Will there be a Pagan unification?

3. Should there be a Wiccan ruling body?

4. Since the government recognizes Wicca, will this bring a better understanding to common man about our religion.