Why do I Need to Know how to Make Tools?

You are going, I know its called the craft, but I can't make anything...So why do I need to know how.

What if you are in an area where you can't buy anything you need. Then you can make it. One of the easiest things to make is a Wand. I would recommend that you have at least one wand you make yourself. (and chances are you will find yourself using this one more than the beautiful store bought ones)

When you make a tool you put a part of yourself into it. On tools you can not make - do something to them to personalize them. Lets look at a few things you can do.

Athame: The handle - You can crave figures into it. You can paint figures unto it. You can put stones or crystals on it. The blade - you can etch runes or symbols on it.

You can buy a Knife for its blade, remove the handle that comes with it and make your own. There are several ways of making an Athame without having a forge. One is to use an old file as the blade and grind it down until its in the shape you want.

The next best thing to making it yourself is to find one hand made by another Pagan. (Look at Renfaires)

Wand: First you need a stick. You can find one on the ground, you can cut one from a tree (ask the tree first and if it says no, don't) or you can buy a piece of doweling. What you do with it from there is up to you. You can paint it, wrap it, add stones and crystals, add feathers, runes, beads. You can also make one from a large crystal finger. A natural stick is always best, but sometimes people live in areas where it is impossible to find one.

Broom: You can add decorations to the broom. (If you are going to buy one look in craft stores as they have natural brooms and sometime they are as low as a dollar.) To make one you need to find a large stick to use as the pole, then gather small sticks for the broom (birch sticks are good) then wrap them onto the larger stick using straw or willow.

Pentacle: You can buy them for the alter, but at Dragon Palm we have had three, all hand made. The pentacles you buy for the alter are usually tiles. If you want a tile - go to a tile out let and buy a single tile and paint the Pentacle on it. Now the ones Dragon Palm has had -1. We had a round cutting board that had come with a cheese dome. The dome got broken and the board was kept. We needed a Pentacle - and our master craftsman Angus WaterStone took the board and routed into it the Pentacle. When we moved we gave it to some of the Elders staying behind. And have been given two to replace it. One was given to us by a Welder - it is all metal and welded into the Pentacle. The other is woven out of sticks.

Chalice: This is one that most people will opt to buy. But when buying it you can etch runes, symbols, or your name in Theban on it. Now our master craftsman Angus WaterStone made a Chalice out of wood.


1. What is an Athame and its use?

2. What is a Wand used for?

3. What is the use of a Broom?

4. What is the use of a Chalice?

5. What is the use of the Pentacle?

6. What is the use of a Bolline?

7. What is the use of an incense burner?

8 What is the use of a Cauldron?

9. Where can you find Magickal items?

Read pages 251 - 267 Witches Bible part 2

First book Review due.

Make a tool.