This is considered the most important of the Sabbats. The old year ended on October 30 and the New would start on November 1. This would leave Samhain on the 31 - a day between years. (This is why it takes a year and a day to become a Witch)

The vail is at its thinnest at this time and its a time when we can invite to visit friends and family who have passed over. A door in the circle can be opened for them in the West. During the Samhain celebration their can be a meal for the dead, where you set places for them at the table - If you have a large amount coming set one place for all - with pictures surrounding the plate. Many celebrate this meal dumb, but at Dragon Palm we have several Covener's who couldn't last a whole meal without saying something - so we allow talking.


Origins of Samhain.  Why we celebrate Samhain.


1. What is the date of Samhain?

2. What is a Pooka?

3. What is one of the main things Samhain is known for?

4. What are some of the other names for Samhain?

Read pages 80 - 92 Witches Bible part 1