The Rites of Passage:

HANDFASTING: There are two types of Handfasting - "Year and A Day" and "As Long As Love Last". The first is just within the religion. It was also known at one time as Greenwood Marriages. Children born under this type of marriage were the responsibility of the village if the Marriage was not renewed to one "As Long as Love Last" Today this type of Marriage would be considered as a trail marriage and should not be taken lightly. At the end of the Marriage they should return to the HP and HPS that did the Handfasting and do another Handfasting or a Handparting.

The "As Long As Love Last" Handfasting is looked on two ways. One is that the couple will stay married as long as they love one another and then they will get a Handparting and go there separate ways as friends taking care of all things that happened during the marriage. (Many HP and HPS are Ordained Ministers and can perform legal Handfastings, but can not perform legal Handparting). Others look at this as they will be together in many life times and will always find themselves. Hopefully all Handfasting will be the last type.

WICCANING: This is a ritual in which the parents take an Oath that the children will be raised with Love and care. That the children will be raised within the religion, but will always be exposed to other religions, so that when they come of age, they will be able to choose their own path.

CROSSING OVER: This is a time of letting go. We all know that the person who crossed over is in a happier place, this doesn't always help the ones left behind. This can be anything from a good wake to a personal conversation of a love one with the departed.


There are several types of Handfastings, what are they and how are they different.

How do parents pledge to raise their children in a Wiccaning.


1.What is the Wiccan world for marriage?

2. What is the main difference between a Wiccan and Christian marriage?

3. What is a Handparting?

4. What is a Wiccaning

5. What is crossing the bridge?

Read pages 101 - 107 of Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft.