This weeks class is another workshop written by the Rev. Lady Sky, HPS of Dragon Palm Circle. She had done workshops on Tarot and other forms of divination at some of our gatherings as well as in a chat room we use to run. She is one of the most gifted readers that I know. Click on the  Tarot card of the High Priestess to get the workshop.


Is Tarot a Gift or a Skill.


Do a Tarot reading.


1. Explain the following types of Divination?

   A. Cartomancy          E. Palmistry

   B. Scrying                 F. Runes

   C. Dowsing               G. Graphology

   D. Numerology          H. Geomancy.

2. Give the meaning of the following cards of the Major Arcana.

   A. The Fool               D. Justice

   B. The Priestess        E. The Devil/Pan

   c. The Chariot           F. The World

Scrying - have your mirror. ( You can buy one or make one - easy to make - take a piece of glass and paint one side black - make it better mount on wood.)