Rock and Crystals - very Magickal. Many uses and are easy to get. We have set up a page on finding stones and Crystals. click here. don't mind spending money you can get all your rocks and crystals from New Age Stores or Museum stores. Usually in the New Age stores they are polished and the Museum stores will have both raw and polished. Now if you want to save a little money and have a wider selection try a rock store. You can save about 25% off a New Age Store and maybe more off a Museum store. And they usually have a much wider selection as they are catering to rock collectors. Now if you happen to live in a part of the country where there are gem mines open to the public, this is another great way of getting stones - not only will you be finding them yourself, they will be in a raw state. The savings (depending on the mine - beware mines in area's were there are no mines) can be as high as 95% over other sources. At some mines a five dollar bucket of dirt can land you the stones that would cost up to $100 in a New Age Store - and they are in the raw form - some never before touched by human hands. Now the final method is rock hunting. Parks and woods, Lakes and River banks. This is the cheapest, but with it you will not get a very large selection of different rocks and crystals - but some of these can be very strong - much more so than rocks gotten in other ways.

For a listing of what different stones will do click on stones and crystals.  We also filmed a WIP workshop on stones and crystals given by Dreamweaver.


Healing VS Magickal properties of herbs and stones


Have several different types of rocks and crystals, feel them.


1. What are the properties of rocks

2. What are some of the characteristics of the following:

A. Amber

B. Amethyst

C. Geodes

D. Malachite

E. Rose Quartz

3. What are the Magickal uses of the following herbs:

A. Apple

B. Bay

C. Clover

D. Garlic

E. Holly

F. Rose

4. What is the medicinal use of the following herbs:

A. Anise

B. Basil

C. Caraway

D. Fennel

E. Ginger.

Where to find crystals

Read pages 155 - 170 Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft.