What is a Witch?

We have been studying Witchcraft now for seven weeks. What is a Witch?

First, a Witch is a person. And because of this you will find that the craft is made up of people of very different personalities.

Now what are some of the things that make a person a Witch.

They worship the God and Goddess

They believe in an Ultimate Deity

They respect and protect nature and all living things

They believe in Magick

They believe in the Wiccan Rede

They believe in the Law of three

They believe that all Paths lead to the same end and respect the people who follow them.

They believe in reincarnation

Now a person can do all the above and still not be a Witch! There is an inner something that makes the person a Witch. How can you tell if you are a Witch? Witchcraft feels right to you, its like finding something that has been missing in your life.

You will find a lot of people talking about Witchcraft will say "I have always believed these things and now I have a name for my beliefs".

You will get the feeling of being one with nature - with the Goddess.... Now some people when they reach this point feel that is all that is needed and refuse to study any more. It's a real shame, these people should be Witches, but they refuse to learn the craft.

They have a working knowledge of the Craft. (the reason for a year and a day)

What is not a Witch

A person following another path besides Witchcraft.

A person who has no knowledge of the Craft.

A person who thinks Witchcraft is only about magic.

There are people who say anyone who wants to be called a Witch should, since

there is no central Witch organization that sets up rules. Others will say their are no rules to Witchcraft. These people are not Witches.


What are your views on what is a Witch?

Could Witchcraft work with a central organization making Witch rules?


Between now and week 10 we will need your first book review.  We are not looking for a High School type book report.  We want a small review of the book, then your recommendations on how good it is.  Do you feel it covers the subjects correctly.  Is it interesting.  Is it easy to read. The book can be any book that relates to Witchcraft.


1. What is a Witch?

2. How does society in general accept the practiced of Witchcraft?

3. What is a new generation Witch?

4. What are some of the different type traditions?

Read pages 57 - 60, 75 - 84 To Ride A Silver Broom.