A time for the Yule tree and presents. A time for friends and family to get together and rejoice over the coming season. This is the time of the rebirth of the Sun God. It is also the time for endless fight between the Holly King and the Oak King. Again we can see things that are now part of the Christen Holiday Christmas. Again because of this some Witches don't want to celebrate it the way it should be. But again the pagan ways predate the Christens. Again a Christen holiday was placed at the time of several major pagan holidays.

At Dragon Palm we celebrate the season. We start at Yule - we decorate the tree - then the ones cooking will go in and finish cooking as the rest finish the tree - we then have our feast - next the ritual with fight between the Holly King and the Oak King.. then we give out presents to all. Then we hold a small ritual each night giving a different person to run each ritual. On Christmas we hold a potluck dinner for all who have no Christen relatives they have to go to and attend (usually following a movie). We have a new years eve party on NYE (Yes Samhain is our religious New Year, but we also celebrate the changing of the dates) and on New Years Day we have the Tree Ritual in which we take down the tree and then we cut off all the limbs of the tree which are used in the fires of each of the Sabbats, the tree trunk is now saved to Beltane and used as the May Pole and is then cut up to used as the Yule log the next year


The Robin Hood aspect in Yule. Why is the Winter Solstice such a popular holiday.


1.What aspect is the Goddess

2. Who in Christianity undid Jesus treatment of women?

3. Who are the Oak King and the Holly King.

Read pages 97 - 101 Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft and 153 - 173 Witches Bible part 1