The minor Sabbaths you will notice are the modern change of the seasons. They are also the equinoxes and solaces. They came in latter when man started watching the stars more and seeing seasonal changes in them and that the days were equal on certain days of the year and longer and shorter on others. Many modern Christen holidays follow the minor Sabbaths. Minor is used because they came second and to the early man were minor to the others, but today - all the Sabbaths are equal. Unlike the Major Sabbats the date of these can change form year to year.

We are at the half way point in your travels around the wheel of the year. Only 26 more weeks to go. If you have done this in less than 26 weeks you are cheating yourself.

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How have you changed over the last 26 weeks. What do you know now that you didn’t know when you started the class. If you have unanswered questions on what we have covered so far - why haven’t you asked them. You have three places you can ask question 1. The yahoo group - this could help others that have the same question. 2. On the Dragon Palm Forum. 3. Or you can drop a line to us and we will get back to you.  We encourage questions be asked where others can be part of the answer or add on to it with other questions. But we know there are those who still don’t believe that the only bad question is the one unasked - so you can ask via email. .


1. What are the Minor Sabbats?

2. Are Major Sabbats more important than Minor Sabbats?

Read pages 72-79 Witches Bible part 1