We are now 45 weeks into our studies. Are we ready? What tools do we have? What tools do we need?  Do I understand what I need to do? Do I want to join a Coven, forma a Coven, or be by myself (more on this next week).  Are we going ot come out of the “broom Closet” if haven’t already?

Now it the time to start planning on your next move - in just a few more weeks you will be done with Wicca 101.  At this time you should have A BOOK OF SHADOWS, some of your tools, some herbs, some stones or crystals.  You should be able to cast circle.  

Have you celebrated the Sabbats and Esbats?


Why should Magick only be done when there is a need for it? Coming out of the broom closet.


1. An I write my own rituals?

2. How do you find members for a Coven?

3. What is a Wiccan Church?

4. What is the long form of Blessed Be?

Read Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner

(Yes read the complete book)