The Major Sabbats are no more important than the Minor Sabbats -the name comes from the fact that they were the earliest of the Sabbats.  They mark the changes in seasons.  In the beginning we only had two season Summer and Winter. Samhain was the end of Summer and the Beginning of Winter,. Beltane was the end of Winter and the Beginning of Summer. Latter Samhain became the end of Fall and the Beginning of Winter, Imbolg the end of Winter and the Beginning of Spring, Beltane  then end of Spring and the beginning of Summer and finally Lughnasadh is the end of Summer and the beginning of Fall.

As we study the Sabbats  we will see their importance in days gone by. Click on the wheel and see some of Dragon Palm’s Sabbats.


The Major Sabbats and their place on the Wheel of the year.  Give your views of the Sabbats .


1. What are the Major Sabbats?

2 Why are they Major Sabbats?

3. Name the Major Sabbats?

Read pages 121 - 136 the Witches Bible part 1