Dreams come in several types and forms. The most normal Dream is just that, a Dream, it means nothing. Now my name is Dreamweaver and much of what I can do comes from Dreams - both asleep and awake.

Dreams that mean something can come in several forms. One form tells you like it is. The other uses symbols and they can come mixed using both real and symbolic meanings. You should keep a book by your bed and if you wake form a Dream that you think is important write it down. Then latter try and figure out what it means - keep a copy in your BOS or a dream journal - leave space to write down what happens, if anything. Some Dreams can come years before they happen others happen right now.

Others are the Gods trying to tell you things - this can happen in the form of a Dream when you are asleep or when you are awake. Personally I have found all most all awake dreams mean something. Pay attention to these Dreams. If you are driving along and something flashes not to take a certain road - don't...

Repeating dreams always mean something. If its symbolic try and figure out what it means. There may be no way of changing it, but at least you can prepare for it. When it happens don't let it scare you into non-action.


Types of dreams you have had


1. What is a dream?

2. What universal symbol does the apple stand for?

3. What should you do to help remember dreams?

4. What does a repeated dream mean?

5. What is a group dream?

Read pages 88 - 93 Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft