ARE YOU READY? Next week is the final exam.  Do you have any questions?  This is the time to ask. Now I know some of you have been doing the class without answering any questions or asking any.  You may have done the book reviews, but felt you didn’t need to let me know. Between now and next week I need to have four book reviews - if they were sent to the forum - you’ve done them - if not you need to post them.  Anything you didn’t understand and didn’t ask, ask now. There is only one failure to this class and that is to yourself.  You should know by now if you are truly ready or not to become a Witch.  Don’t kid yourself if you are not ready.

This website and class has been a work in progress for about 13 years. Over that time we have had people who have done everything plus more to the ones who sign up for the list and we never hear anything from them.  The class will always be a work in progress as we add more and change so of the old. This is the third or fourth major change of the website - and many of the week are just like they were when it was first done.  When someone replaces me as webmaster and the Covens Wicca 101 teacher there will be changes I’m sure.  And as I am teaching the “LIVE” 101 class I am always making changes and some of those make their way here to the web version.

The forum and YahooGroups are the most important part of the class - this is were we get interaction. As a Witch your are a Priest or Priestess of the Craft - you need to act like one .


1. Why do you want to be a Witch?

2. What does Witchcraft mean to you?

3. What did you get out of