There are many forms of divination and in all cases it's the reader, not the tools. Anyone can be taught how to read cards, palms, tea leafs and so on. These reading are based on the tools. Others are gifted in that they can read what ever is placed in front of them. I have seen readers read blank tarot cards and be correct. Now divination is not fortune telling - it is the logical path you are following if you do not make changes. This is what will happen if you do nothing to stop it form happening. Once you get a reading - and you do not like the outcome - it is up to you to keep it form happening. And you can. The fact that you can make it change is what makes this a helpful tool. It can also let you know other things also.

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Talk about different types of Divination. Ask question of Lady Sky on Divination. Tell of the results you have gotten from different forms of Divination.


Do a reading. Your choice of tools. Let us know about it on the forum.


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3. What is Cheiromancy?

4. What is Clairvoyance?

5. What is scrying?

Read pages 147 - 172 To Ride A Silver Broomstick.