All these things are possible, but as with channeling not all people can experience them. I have a problem with Astral travel - on this plane I have motion sickness and I carry this to the Astral. Some people say this isn't possible, but I've experienced it.

There are several tapes and videos on the market to help you with both Astral travel and Past Lives. This is something you may want to invest in. (The investment in the audio tapes was less than $10.00 the last time I checked - they may have gone up by now). Follow all the instructions given with the tapes. I've use Video tapes made for both and they both worked for most of the people in the room. (But not everyone). If you try the tapes and they don't work for you - try and find someone who can lead you - it can be well worth while.

As you may tell form the above it’s old information, but I am sure that you can find these in CD and DVD formats today - the cost will be higher I’m sure.  A DVD version the  video tapes on a HD TV should prove interesting.


How does body language help in reading people?

What is the importance of Focus?


With the use of a guide try either a Past Live regression or Astral Travel. The guide may be either a person adept in this or a DVD or CD made for this purpose.


1. What is Telepathy?

2. What is Empathy?

3. What is the Universal Telephone Line?

4. What is Psychometry?

Read pages 111 - 131 Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft and Pages 200 - 219 Witches Bible Part 2