The written word - is there power to it. Yes! The written word has shaped the world, it tells history (and usually from the view point of the winner) and it can be Magick!

Outside of yourself, you most important tool is your Book of Shadows. It has in it you spells and rituals and other important information for your use.

We have already talked about Theban and if you have read this weeks lesson you have read about several other Magickal alphabets. Why use one in writing a spell - it makes you think - it puts more of you into the spell. Some things you should have are a quill pen and parchment paper. If you can't find a quill pen you can make one out of any large wing feather - chicken, goose, duck or other bird. You can find them around lakes where ducks gather or in a hen house. We have open range chickens where we live and we are always being left nice feathers. There may be a time you feel you must write out the spell a certain way, even if its in English. I did one where I wrote it on parchment with a quill pen and the help of a kitten. Quill pens are what Ink blotters were made for and a kitten can walk across a page just written and unblottered and add nice paw prints. At the end of the spell the parchment was burned. (If you have trouble finding parchment look in a food store).


Is there still a need for Magickal Alphabets?

PROJECT: Try writing using several different alphabets.


1. Why should you use Magickal alphabets?

2. What is the more poplar name of Honorian?

3. What is a Talisman?

4. What is an Amulet?

Read pages 193 - 200 Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft.