In the craft there are two very different uses for herbs. One is Magick and the other for healing.  Make sure you don’t get them mixed up, as some fo the herbs used for Magick can be deadly if ingested.  There are several really fine books on the market for both uses. And should be in your library.  Anything you are planning on using should be in your Book of Shadows.

We have a two part booklet on herbs written by Lady Aurora Leilani. Lady Aurora Leilani was the first Maiden of Dragon Palm Circle when we started in Florida, she was also our herbalist.  She gave several workshops when we were there on herbs. If you have question for her post them on the forum.


What are the the different uses of herbs in Witchcraft?


Have several different types of herbs. Feel them, smell them, grind them…


1. What is Cascara Sagrada used for?”

2. What is Cat’s Eye?

3. What is Chicken Toe?

4. What is Horse Tail?

5. What are different uses of herbs?

Read pages 205 - 226 To Ride a Silver Broomstick