I hope that all of you will be part of a Coven. But even when you are a member of a Coven, there will be times when you are a solitary Witch. The book you just read by Scott Cunningham is one of the more important books to read - in fact read as many books by Scott as you can find. Some really good information. Now a lot of people get the wrong idea when reading this book. For some reason they seem to think it tells them they can do what ever they want and be a Witch...NO - It tells you there are many different things you can do and still be a Witch. And if you are going to be solitary - the boundaries become even larger. Work within a Coven and they can become very small.

If you are going to be solitary, try to go to some open rituals given by Covens or Pagan organizations. This can open you up to other ways of doing something and some times a better way. (Remember - if its not broke don't fix it - but if it's not working it may be time for a change)


Are we all Solitary, even when we are part of a Coven.


1. What was the first religion?

2. What is the supreme power personified as?

3. What are the three aspects of the Goddess?
4. What are the three sources of Magick energy?
5. What is a ritual?
6. What is a mirror book?
7. What are the 13 goals of a Witch?

Read pages 215 - 221  Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft