The craft is changing all the time. We don’t do many of the things that were done by the old religions that the craft is based on anymore.  We do have rituals that relate to them. In many Trads a lot of Christian moral have been taken into the Craft.  Since the 1950’s we have seen many changes int he Craft.  Today many more people than ever before know that Witchcraft is a religion.  We have gone form a time where there were so man secrets you had to join a Coven before you could learn the simplest fundamentals  of Wicca - today we can pick up books and learn the basics of Wicca.

Not everyplace in the country is open about the Craft.  We came from a place in South Florida where there was a very open Pagan population.  It was a place where there were many “want to be” Pagans.  Grams were worn were all could see.  Now we are in place where the Pagan population is larger than South Florida, but so many are still in the broom closet.  We are in a bible belt area.  Motels and campgrounds have big signs that say “Jesus Saves” on them or other bible verses.  But if you look, you can find Pagans everywhere.  And of these Pagans many are Witches.


How has Wicca changed since the 1950’s to the present.  Is all the change for the good?


1. What happened in England in 1951?

2. Why isn’t Wicca a proselytizing religion?

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