Self Dedication

If you have not done so yet - it is time to self dedicate yourself to the God and Goddess. This is your first rite of passage as a Witch. You will note in the books several ways of doing this. All you really need to do in this first rite of passage is to talk to the Lord and Lady and dedicate yourself to Witchcraft. (Note: this is not the same as self-initiation) When you are being taught by a Coven this can be a public event, which in truth may be your second rite of passage if you have already done a Self-Dedication in private. Sometimes the public dedication can also be in conjunction with an Oath to the Coven.

Other Rites OF Passage

Initiation: Done after your year and a day. (Can also be called first degree initiation) If you are not part of a group - this can be done as a Self Initiation - declaring yourself a Witch - that you have studied your year and a day - and you are ready to take on the responsibilities of being a Witch.

2nd and 3rd Degree Initiation: Done when you reach the levels of second and third degree.

Wiccaning: This is the true first rite of Passage - this is when the parents declare they will raise their child and protect it and teach it. The God/Goddess parents are named and they to swear that they will help in the raising of the child. It is also noted at this time the child will have the right to choose what path they want to lead.

Crossing Over: This is the Wiccan funeral. It is more for the living as a way of saying Merry Part till we meet again to the dead. It can take many forms from the person closest meditating and talking to the departed to a wake.

Handfasting: The pagan wedding - two forms 1. A Year and A Day - a trail marriage of sorts. 2. As Long As Love Shall Last. If the HP and/or HPS doing the ritual are ordained this can be a legal wedding - if they are not a civil ceremony will also have to be done if you want it legal. You will note that it is As Long As Love Shall Last and not Till Death Do We Part. The Wiccan belief is if the love is gone, the Handfasting should end.

Handparting: The Love is gone, And because you are a Witch you still like and respect your partner - you return if possible to the HP/HPS that did the Handfasting and have a Handparting done. (If you can't get to the person who did the Handfasting any HP? HPS will do.) At this time you will tell how you are going to do the break up - if you have children you tell what is each of your responsibly towards them. And you state that you will remain friends. (Now there can be Hand parting not as agreeable as this when on party leaves another or cause's harm to the other) Again if you were legally married you will have to go the legal route with this also.

Coming of Age: With a girl this is her first period. It should be a time of celebration. She now knows the female mysteries that men can never learn. Her powers are at there greatest... For a boy it is around the same time, but it is not as noticeable. A very important Rite...

Croning: This is when a woman has gone through the change of life. It is a new period and new magick for a woman. Men can go through a similar rite and become Sages.

Each Rite of Passage is important - and is a celebration - some can be done alone - all can be done with a group.

NOTE: Even though we have hand partings each Wiccan as they are Handfasted hopes that "As Long As Love Last" will be through out this lifetime and through many more.


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