You will read that Magick is like prayer. This is true in several aspects. One of the major things they have in common is belief. You must believe that your magick will work - if not, it will not. The magick of Witchcraft is not a lot of written formulas that you can just cast. The Magick you will be using comes from within you. The God and Goddess will help you, but you must believe in yourself. I have seen children perform Magick that most adults couldn't do, because they knew they could do it and they did it.

Magick can be very simple to very complex, but when creating a spell - make sure you do not make it more complex than you need. In other words - don't do or say things just to do them. If you feel that my making it complex it will help raise the energy you will need - then do so.

Always make sure you understand why you are doing Magick. Never do Magick when you are MAD. Many people think as long as they say "as long as it harms none" in their spell it will not harm someone. But if you are mad a person and you are doing a spell to counter something they have done to you and in your mind you are thinking of all kinds of things that could happen to this person - you will cause the person harm and you will pay for it. So think things out before doing them. Understand them. Make sure what you say and what you feel agree.

Friends will find out that you are a Witch and they will want you to do spells for them. This can be tricky - what should you do. First if they are serious and you feel their is merit to what they want done, see if they are willing to be part of the ritual. (Many times this will end a discussion before it goes very far). And if you feel comfortable about it do it. Make sure you let them know what you are going to do and what you want them to do and what you want to happen. Also make sure they don't think you can do Magick like on "Bewitched" or even "Charmed". In most cases people will want you to do something that you wouldn't do for yourself, so just say - that's not the kind of Magick we do. You can also say it no different than Prayer what we do. But each case will be different.

Never Do Magick For Money!!!! Witches don't do that!


Explain spells and there uses.


1. How long should there be between drinking alcohol and doing Magick?

2. What are quarter spells?

3. What is Gray Magick?

4. What are Magickal Alphabets?

5. How do  you break a spell?

Read pages 175 - 188 Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft.