Why Theban

During the early days of Modern Witchcraft (1950 - present) many Witches didn't want others to read their Book of Shadows - a Magickal alphabet was needed and Theban became that alphabet. It became the language of the Witch. Notes between Witches were written in Theban - anything that a Witch didn't want an outsider to read was written with this alphabet.

Why didn't they just use Runes?? Runes were much easier to get a hold of. (and in some cases took a more artistry person to draw them)

Theban Today

If we want we can still write our BOS in Theban, but the alphabet is printed in many books and fonts can be found on the Internet - so much for it being secret. So why hasn't it become a foot note to Witchcraft History - why do we need to learn about it?

It can and is used with spell craft. In many spells you need to write something on a candle or on paper - doing in Theban helps put more of you into the spell, as you must concentrate to translate to Theban (even if you are copying it from a book)

Try Writing in Theban

When writing in Theban the version in Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft is the preferred form. Make yourself a translation card and put a translation page in your BOS. You can also do writing on your Athame or Wand using Theban.


Reasons for Theban

Read pages 41 - 49 of Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft.