This week the class is going to be a different. Instead of reading you should have gotten your scrying mirror or made one.  Now you are going to spend some time looking into your scrying mirror.  This is a wonderful device and it can do several thing, one is it can help you channel, tow it can show you were something is that is lost, and three it can give you information.  Cast circle and then get comfortable and take out that scrying mirror and look into it. Work with it.  Some other things you may want to try is a Flame or fire or both, water in a pan or cauldron, crystals or crystal ball, any shiny surface. Take note on what you see and post your finding in the forum in the Scrying section.  If no one else has posted go and start a post.


What are different items that can be used for Scrying?

Read pages 135 - 151 Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft